Buy Cryptokitties

How to buy Cryptokitties?

Before you can buy Cryptokitties, you need to buy Ethereum, a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin.

See our guide page on how to buy ethereum

Here is a video from YouTube on how to buy Cryptokitties.

It is not our video but if may be helpful to explain the process.
We documented our own purchase experiences below.

Cryptokitties Video Guide

Buying our first Cryptokitty

We have just purchased our first crypto kitten and are now the proud new parents of Gen 6 Licks kitten, say hello …


gen-6-licks Crypto Kitten

Kitty number 11,344

It was about our 5th attempt before we were successfully able to buy a kitten on CryptoKitties.

We will share our experience on how to buy cryptokitties in the hope it helps someone.

First (failed) Attempts at buying on

On the first attempt we were too slow!

Checking the USD price of 0.0xx Ethereum and then going back to the site. After clicking “OK Buy This Kittie” we received a message saying someone else had beaten us to it! Boooooooo!

This triggers a FOMO (fear of missing out) reaction so be careful when you are in “kitty buyer mode” as the adrenaline can get the better of your better judgement.

We then found a GEN-5 Kitty at a good price and tried to buy that one. Too slow again!

Reject Reject Reject

Please pay attention to this! It may save you an unintentional huge transaction fee.

After clicking BUY the MetaMask pop-up gave us an orange warning sign that we didn’t have enough funds. As it turns out the GAS PRICE was too high. The Gas Price is the fee charged to make the ETH transaction.

The kitty would have cost $17 and the transaction fee would have been $11.76!


So we hit the REJECT option and tried to refresh the page, as instructed on the CryptoKitty for sale page.

If you are getting weird or failed messages saying you gas price is set to high or low, trying using Gas Limit = 300,000 and Gas Price = 30. This is paying a bit more for your transaction but you are more likely to be rewarded with winning you cat.


On hitting refresh we just got a pretty spinning pink diamond (the Ethereum symbol) so we crashed out of the sales page and went back to the main marketplace page.

Not a good experience at this so far!

So we started a new search. We always start the marketplace using “Cheapest First”:

the screen refreshes rapidly as we guess there are a lot of buyers snapping up kitties as this new craze hits.

Sometimes someone will sell kitties very cheap. We guess they aren’t paying attention to the market. The usual minimum is around 0.0150 (or $7). We have seen kitties sold for 0.0001 ($0.40) but you have to be lucky to hit the “OK Buy This Kittie” button at the right time.

Keep refreshing the page and try your luck!

Confirm Transaction

Finally we got a screen with no Gas Limit warning and we clicked SUBMIT to confirm the payment of 0.054166 ETH which is $24.23 plus $0.28 in fees to total $24.51

We never though would spend $25 on a cartoon cat!

Buy Cryptokitty

In Progress

If you think you just crossed the line and got a new family member, then not so fast. You will now have to wait to see if the transaction actually goes through.

After we confirmed the payment in MetaMask, the page sat for ages on the activity screen. They give you a warning message saying the transaction is “In Progress” and “Hope no one beats you to it!” – not very reassuring.


At last, Successful!


After a few minutes wait (although it seemed like much longer), the Successful message came back and we secured our first kitty!

If you click the Successful button it will take you to the Ethereum explorer. This is a website where you can view historical ETH transactions.

Buying Crypto Kitties

Buying Crypto Kitties is very additive and FOMO plays a big part in making you want to spend more money or time or both than you probably intended.

One last tip for you, write down your budget on how much you want to spend on a kitty.

You can check the USD or your other local currency cost here:

So enter your budget of say 0.05 ETH and it will tell you around $24. They also have a drop down for GBP and many other currencies.

This way when you see a kitty for sale, you will not have to think about how much it costs, you can just try to win the auction.

Buy Cryptokitties in the Marketplace

We have been trying to buy more kitties in the Cryptokitties marketplace.

We set the sort option to “cheapest first” and hit the web browser refresh button a million times to see the cheapest cats appearing.

Annoyingly, if a kitty is for sale but also inactive, the price is hidden until you click on it. This is frustrating when you only have a few seconds to make a decision to try to buy the kitten or not.

Here is an example:


we had to click the coupon icon to see the price. You will notice that kitties for sale without the right hand sleep icon show the price.

Kitties in the marketplace are set for sale by their owners using a Dutch auction.

What is a Dutch Auction?

A Dutch Auction is where the seller sets a high initial asking price, and lowers it until a kitty buyer accepts the price, or it reaches a predetermined reserve price.

For example, set your asking price and sales listing duration, say 2 days.

The price will gradually decrease over the 2 days until it hits your minimum price point and then ends if it didn’t sell.

Trying to buy cheap kitties

Bidding on the cheapest kittens seems impossible.

We have been trying for 2 days but they disappear in seconds!

As news of cryptokitties and the amount of buyers increases, the minimum price is setting new higher lows every hour, this is starting to become an expensive game of cat and mouse 🙂

We are working on adding a kitty hall of fame here so that you can showcase your kitty collection.

If our site helped you get more kitties, please consider sending us some Ethereum to feed our kitties, our address is


Every little helps us!

Thanks in advance!