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Another increase in GAS prices on Cryptokitties system

New message today from CryptoKitties.

Due to the HUGE demand, the transaction fees are being increased to keep the ETH network from seizing up. The birthing fee went from 0.002 Ether to 0.015 Ether.

This will attract more ETH miners to pointtheir mining equipment at the ETH transactions.

  • GAS prices on all transactions have been increased to 25 gwei. You can always override this, but they really don’t recommend it unless you have a lot of experience with Ethereum. It’s very easy to get your entire account stuck behind one low-price transaction.
  • The birthing fee (paid whenever you breed two cats, even two cats of your own) is going from 0.002 Ether up to 0.015 Ether. We understand that this is a significant increase, and we wish there were another solution. This fee goes directly to the gas costs of birthing a cat.
  • You should expect these costs to go down whenever possible, and to rise whenever it’s necessary.

Cryptokitties failed transactions due to low or high GAS price

If you are experiencing a lot of failed transactions in your METAMASK wallet when trying to buy Cryptokitties, you need to increase the GAS price you are offering to pay.

You will pay MORE for transaction fees, but you are more likely to secure the kitty you are trying to win.

Try these settings as follows:

GAS LIMIT = 300,000


Due to so many people trying to buy Cryptokitties it is forcing UP the cost of transaction fees. If you put a lower price, you transaction will most likely fail.

Good luck! we hope this helps you to win more kitties!