Crypokitties Breeders

Cryptokitties Breeders Rules

Terminology for breeders of Cryptokitties:

  • Parents – Mummy Kitty and Daddy Kitty
  • Siblings – offspring having one or both parents in common
  • Sire / Siring – being Daddy to more kitties
  • Matron – being Mummy to more kitties
  • Cooldown – period during which the Kitty cannot do any more breeding

Breeding Rules for Crypto Kitties

  • 2 Kitties can breed, except with their siblings or parents
  • Kitties must also be either owned by the same user, or one user offers a Kitty siring to another user.
  • If you have 2 Kitties that fits this condition, you can use one as sire (father) and the other as matron (mother).
  • Kitties do not have fixed genders.
  • After breeding, the assigned matron will be pregnant and under cooldown, the father will also be under cooldown.
  • Cooldown stands for the period of time the kitty cannot perform any breeding actions, a Kitty’s cooldown increases each time it breeds.
  • After the matron cooldown is complete, it can give birth, and engage in breeding again right away.
  • As kitties breed their cooldowns increase.

Breeding With Kittens You Don’t Own

In this case you provide the matron, and have a permissioned sire. There are 2 practical cases this can happen:

  1. The owner of a Kitten can allow siring to another ethereum address.
  2. The owner of another Kitten can submit their Kitten into a siring clock auction, and the bidder must supply their matron.

Cryptokitty Website User Functions

  • buy kittens (sale auction bid)
  • get kitty data
  • breed your their own kittens
  • after cool down is passed, any user can have a pregnant kitty giving birth
  • offer one of their kitties as sire via auction
  • offer a kitty as sire to another user
  • bid on an active siring auction
  • put a kitty for sale on auction
  • buy a kitty that is on auction from another user
  • check info of a kitty that is to auction
  • cancel an auction you started
  • transfer a kitty you own to another user
  • allow another user to take ownership of a kitty you own
  • once an user has a kitty ownership approved, they can claim a kitty