CryptoKitties Rarity Scanner

CryptoKitties Rarity Scanner – use it to find RARE CryptoKitties!

Using a secret script, you can add a function to the CryptoKitties website to highlight the rare cattributes of each kitty!

With the thousands of CryptoKitties that are new to the world, how to find a rare one? A lot of the kitty sales descriptions say “rare” but how do you know?

Each crypto kitten has different cattributes  that are uniquely mixed for each cat. No 2 kittens can be the same.

Download our FREE Cryptokitties Cattributes Guide in PDF or go to our CryptoKitties Scarcity Index page.

To find a rare one while browsing the sales auction pages is difficult as they sell so quickly!

We have a solution….. a custom script that runs over the top of the website and adds functionality to let you see the rarity.

CryptoKitties Rarity Scanner Colour Chart

  • Pink: ultra rare
  • Orange: very rare
  • Purple: rare
  • Blue: uncommon
  • White: common

CryptoKitties Rarity Scanner Demo

rare cryptokitties

CryptoKitties Rarity Scanner Installation

Installation requires Tampermonkey chrome extension or Firefox add-on

Create a new Tampermonkey script inside the Dashboard and paste the script code inside. Then you just need to save it and reload the kitty site.

Please note: this is a 3rd-party written script that we do not author or control. Installing other people’s scripts on your computer can be a security risk so please use caution and use at your own discretion. We do not accept any liability if something goes wrong.

We have been using this without issue so far but it is experimental code.

We hope this helps you to find rare cryptokitties!